About Aimee Spilsted

Born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Spilsted has lived in Europe and the UK, and travelled to New Zealand, Italy, France, and Mauritius.

Having studied BA Hons Contemporary Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University, Textiles was a natural move after experimenting with other materials, a passion developed for the tactile and ambiguous qualities of fabric. She has exhibited widely across the UK and parts of Europe and is also an exhibiting member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists.

Influenced by degradation in the urban and rural environment, the marks of time passing, travel and collecting found objects. Inspiration originated in Venice, which instilled the belief that erosion and decay, when taken out of context, have an uncomplicated beauty.

More recent work has been strongly inspired by the human urge to collect discarded items, beach combing the Merseyside Coast line and boatyards and also by NML’s Historic Worldwide Textiles archives of ritual cloths, flags and fishing bags.

Re affirming the importance of cataloguing and collecting, to capture fleeting moments, documenting what once was.

Textile techniques involve soaking with metals, stretching outside in urban/rural areas to age, achieving exciting, unpredictable results. Composition is important to attain balance, using layers of cracked, peeling, and saturated fabric, edges are frayed or bluntly cut for contrast; pieces are often deconstructed and reworked, building layers with parts that have already had much time invested in them.

Labels, numbers and found objects are added from the artists own collection.